Sweet Dreams Priscilla

Sweet Dreams Priscilla creates there own blend of sounds that can be best described as Tropical Gypsy Folk. Blending jazz, indie, folk, island sounds, and more, they have been hitting Long Beach by storm playing all over town. Though relatively new to the Long Beach music scene, all members have been active in the community through other bands such as Fox & Bear Band and Golden Afternoon, as well as contributing to the arts through visual arts, organizing events, and recording local bands.


Contact Information

Adam Barnes
(562) 481-6544

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Artist Work

Website Media Page (2018)
This is a link to our website with 3 streamable songs. The first song, After You've Gone is a Django Reinhardt cover and the second two are originals written and performed by Sweet Dreams, Priscilla.


Ode To Summer - Sweet Dreams Priscilla

Link to

Ode to Summer

Sweet Dreams, Priscilla performs their original Ode to Summer, live at The Beehive Studio.

Sweet Dreams, Priscilla covers, Hey by The Pixies (2019)

Link to Sweet Dreams, Priscilla covers, Hey by The Pixies https://youtu.be/Nz0zQ3Fvoz0

Lullaby Of Birdland (Ella Fitzgerald)

Lullaby Of Birdland (Ella Fitzgerald) - Sweet Dreams Priscilla

Sweet Dreams Priscilla covering Ella Fitzgerald in Long Beach, CA at 4th Street Vine on June 24, 2018.