Michelle Dinh is a Cambodian American artist residing in Southern California. She earned her BFA in Illustration from CSU Long Beach in 2019 and has been freelancing ever since. The pandemic has transformed her deeply and her new life’s passion is to make a difference through her work. Since 2020, Michelle Dinh has been making editorial art to provide social commentary as well as raise funds for charities. Her work has been featured at Quimby’s Bookstore, Long Beach Airport, and numerous magazines. Michelle Dinh is a proud Cambodian American and is driven to give back to her community. Whenever she’s not illustrating, she’s making polymer clay earrings. Currently she is looking for representation.


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What We Protect (2020)
"What We Protect" was made to uplift women in healthcare as well as remind viewers that healthcare workers have things important to them outside their work. "What We Protect" is currently being exhibited at Long Beach Airport.

Joy of Childhood (2021)
Personal piece exploring different styles and layout.

My Mother is a Nurse (2021)
Editorial piece made during the pandemic.