Su, formerly known by artist name Something Sue, is a Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Producer residing in Long Beach, CA. She has been playing in bands since age 12 and gained a following playing live up and down the west coast. She has been recording as a solo artist and has been a recording vocalist, back-vocalist, and guitarist in pop/hip-hop collaborations since 2015. Musically, she’s as influenced by the Brazilian community in which she grew up in, singing and playing gospel in Portuguese and absorbing bossa nova and Brazilian reggae daily, as she is by 1990s/2000s hip-hop, guitar-driven rock, blues and soul. Su is the lead singer and guitarist in the band Su and The Group Therapy. She is also a producer and creator of Behind The Counter, a music series supporting the local music scene and small businesses. This series launched during the 2020 pandemic and is recorded out of Ambassador Liquor, a family owned business on 4th street, and the only black owned liquor store within about a 40 mi radius of its location as of December 2020.


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Press Release + Video Link by LB Lojo | Su & The Group Therapy | Behind The Counter Release (2020)

Link to Press Release + Video Link by LB Lojo | Su & The Group Therapy | Behind The Counter Release

Su & The Group Therapy: Behind The Counter | Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Behind The Counter at Ambassador Liquor! We are a local led monthly music series out of your favorite liquor store on 4th Street in Long Beach, CA. We close down shop and keep the music alive by providing space for bands and music artists to share their creativity, while uplifting and empowering our community.

Pace - Su feat. Know-Madik (2017)

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