Steven Amado (CHATISMO)

Straight out of Long Beach’s East Village Arts District comes an artist with a naive yet stubborn drive for perfection. Steven Amado (CHATISMO) is an up and coming Painter/Muralist /Curator, currently working and exhibiting in Southern Californian Downtown districts. He has exhibited constantly up North in the Bay Area and down South in Mexico as far as Tijuana, Tecate, Guadalajara, & Nayarit.

The Art of “CHATISMO” is a unique Modern Day Latino Artistic style.. It’s bit of everything from Dada, Abstract expressionism, Tribal, Non-Objective designs. It’s a regurgitation of many painting styles, a free-style mode of creation all done with a Latino flare & twist!

“It’s a state of being, It’s a state of mind. It’s a way of living, It’s a way of life” – CHATISMO


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Contact Information

(562) 760-0690

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Artist Work

"Sabor Caliente" Acrylic on Wood 4ft by 4ft

"Love Struck" Acrylic on Canvas

"Punk, Country, & Ghetto" Mix-Media