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I founded Back-to-the-wall theatre in 2011 with a goal of creating a place where original plays and classics could be produced, as well as a theatre enrichment and education program that was not as focused on the end show or result, but more on how the process changes YOU. The Acting for Life program, was born of this concept of process-oriented theatre. So far, my focus has been on the educational component. I have enjoyed sharing what I learned in the theatre with my students, so here it is, in a nutshell!
I have been in the theatre since I was 10 years old. It was through the magic of theatre that I learned how to read people, read a room.
I learned how to study my own body and voice, and how body language relates to intention and anxiety. It became easier to see these things in other people.
I learned the difference between awareness and judgement. I learned that judgement is not productive.
I learned how to relax, de-stress and breathe.
I learned how not to be embarrassed or self-conscious.
I learned how to roll with the punches. If I get thrown off track, I take my moment to re calibrate and recover quickly.
I learned to keep my perspective of the big picture and not act on petty thoughts. The show must go on, and it is a collaborative effort!
I learned respect for language.
I learned how to express myself clearly & effectively.

All these tools are essential for public speaking, negotiating, recognizing aggressive or deceitful behavior, dealing with adversity, overcoming obstacles, and being able to express your feelings and articulate your position.

In short, I have been teaching for 12 years, and everything valuable I learned, I learned in the theatre.

Acting for Life teaches these skills to young people, through a tiered, merit-based program. We believe we can create better citizens through theatre. Come join us!

My personal artistic goal is to create original, theatrical experiences with a focus on social justice and a shout out to the classics. The children are our future, so we want to give them essential tools for living life…and why not use a theatre as our classroom??


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Artist Work

Youngest cast of characters!
This is a class I taught weekly for several years at Brentood Pres, where the Citizens of the Stage program was born. We would do a "Play of the Day" based on different themes, like diversity and being a community hero.

Frankie & Johnny (2014)
Here is a stage shot of a production of Frankie & Johnny at Coachella Valley Repertory a few years ago. The role of Frankie earned me a Best Actress nomination from the Desert Theatre Awards.

Stories Heard Everywhere (2017)
Here is a piece I wrote and performed for a fundraising event in Los Angeles at the end of last year. My piece is in the second half of the video, and discusses the topic of cryptic female choice; a feminist topic with a comic spin.

Link to Stories Heard Everywhere

How to be a Hero! (2017)
This camp was all about good citizenship and this week was all about heroes! The kids were so creative in the ways we can be heroic. Everyone got a chance to save the day!