I am a Graffiti/Mural artist. My Goal my Purpose as an artist is to create emotions. I draw a lot of different things, but anyway it stick to the main idea. I just recently moved to the US and I am going through a difficult path of adaptation. But for the last year I have been working hard on my skills and finding an art community in a new place for me. I have many years of experience in drawing graffiti and murals. I love nature and our beautiful planet very much and therefore flowers have become my signature style for a long time. I can say with confidence that I’m planting a new flowers. I want to give love and positive, faith in the best through my art. To motivate people to self-realization and to the fact that everything is possible. Dream of drawing my art in all corners of our planet. I have a huge experience in drawing murals, but still constantly improving. I love and respect any of art. We all see the world differently. I want to show how I see it. What I want him to be. I think that we need more love and I share it through my power being an artist.
Good Vibes only, Steeke.


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Sergei Statsenko

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Artist Work

Amor (2023)
Mural was made by spray paint on wall. Dedicate this mural to all people in this world. Be in Love, seek love, Give Love.

Flowers (2021)
Flowers mural. spray paint only. drawing for community in Boyle Heights.

steeke/tokyo ghoul (2023)
Mural based on anime Tokyo Ghoul.