Squigglemom, Trish Tsoiasue

I am a creative, working as a Maker in a group we call ETES. I have a number of projects of various sizes, and share them with others through a learn to teach method. This takes me to schools, studios, events and now to the sidewalks to implement a project I call Sidewalk Spaces. Much of my work is done through collaborations with others.
My dabbling has included sewing, latex mask making, video making, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, leathercrafting.
I work to inspire lifelong learning through hands-on doing.



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Patricia Tsoiasue
(562) 225-9589

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Artist Work

Brickface Mask (2017)
Merging traditional latex mask making with LEGO(r) bricks, I produced a very different kind of latex mask. Under tutelage of Caprice Spencer Rothe.

Very Large, Somewhat Impractical Quilt (2008)
This piece used 50 images generated by 30+ youth at Lowell Elementary. I made sure that each child's work was included, which led to my having to spend an estimated 300+ hours on this project. The quilt was sewn with the students, and finished up by me.

The Selfie Project (2017)
A multi-media learning project that combines digital drawing, hand drawing, brand development, 3d printing, thermofax and much more!

Resin Casting Fairy Doors with materials from Reynolds Advanced Materials.

Now we're morphing the selfie project and the fairy door projects. I'm not showing the reveal here, saving that for the mini maker faire at BN on Sat.

Team Makersville Rube Goldberg Invention (2021)
Constrained by a pandemic, I worked with students remotely to devise a Rube Goldberg invention and contraption and we brought it together at our Shoreline Village studio in March, 2021.

Team Makersville 2021: Rube Goldberg Shake and Pour a Box of Nerds. Entry #2

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