Soul Oceans

Originally born in the former Soviet Union, Ilya Barannikov is a designer and artist currently residing in Long Beach, California. His vision is to bring the ethereal and tangible worlds together through art. For over 15 years, he has developed his skills in multiple disciplines, working in traditional processes as well as the experimental to create one of a kind pieces that attempt to marry the unseen realms. He has shared his vision across the globe and continues to push the limits of technology and artistic expression.



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Ilya Barannikov
(562) 386-8031

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Artist Work

Inner Gravity (2014)
Wood. Inner gravity is an inlaid wood piece in a series of 5, they illustrate the unseen realms of existence occurring all around us.

In Case We Miss Each Other (2018)
Metal, Aluminum, Steel, Lycra Fabric "In Case We Miss Each Other" is an interactive art installation that allows participants to record and transmit a message with a 100 megawatt laser over 100 light-years into space using a Q-switching laser and dobsonian telescope It premiered at Burning Man 2018.

Elder (2014)
"Elder", wood, plastic sheeting, paint. 2013Painted on several layers of transparent film, the piece has a sculptural, 3 dimensional effect. It's an embodiment of the sage, shaman or elder.

Summer Ends In Fall (2016)
A song I wrote about the passing of someone close to me.

2 - Summer Ends In Fall by León Qamil

For my mom. All work is arranged, performed, produced, and engineered by Leon Qamil, besides a couple girls that don't want to talk to me anymore, sorry. Cover Artwork : Zahar Kudin Girl In Headphones, Oil on paper, 2015 Instagram @kudin_zahar