Slobodan Dimitrov

My influences from within the photographic world are so varied that it defies saying anything briefly. However, as with many individuals of my era, I came into contact with the documentation of the civil rights era in the Unites States and the end of European Colonialism in Africa and Asia. Images from that period, in particular those that have become icons, have an unavoidable charged content. Those works are referents from which I base my point of view. The dignity of the person, and the need for civil society, is a recurring theme in much of my work.
I have participated in a number of projects nationally. Many of these projects address the societal narratives that are being lived out today. In these projects I have found that in the minutiae of everyday life there are elements of the monumental which are readily accessible photographically, and more importantly, recognizable by a vast majority of the viewing public.
Many, within these narratives, rarely have the luxury to step back and consider what is taking place and how it is affecting them. In this regard I hope that some of my images have acted, and are acting, as a mnemonic repository of events and places. The image for me is a shared dialogical vehicle. It is a link between the community and me.


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Slobodan Dimitrov
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Vincent Thomas Bridge retrofit (1999)
Harbor occupational culture

Harbor hard hat diving (2000)
Harbor hard hat diving, wrapping pile for wood burrowing worms.

Port of Long beach (2020)
Harbor ship loading