Sienna Browne

My work is the exploration and manipulation of materials as I explore how to effectively link content to expressive form and color. I aim to channel specific emotions associated with my response to Western consumer and diet culture using the formal aspects of painting as a vehicle to inform the viewer.
My driving force as an artist stems from my experiences growing up in Orange County California with an eating disorder. This was cultivated through cultural and social pressures early in my life to be thin and therefore beautiful. As I continue to fight this and learn about the factors that lead us to these conclusions, I aim to create works that respond to my experiences and research regarding nutrition. I am currently focusing on our food industry in America and the effects of ignorance concerning dieting, consumer culture, and agricultural sustainability.


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Sienna Browne

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Thursday Morning (2018)
Thursday Morning is a response to consumer waste in my community. I created the composition by taking a social media poll asking for people's most common types of post consumer trash, photographing bodies being constricted by them, and collaging these images together to create the form.

Cherries Jubilee (2018)
This work speaks about body image, body dysphoria, and female sexuality. The limited color palette aims to illicit specific feelings associated about the above themes. I want the description to remain limited to allow for the viewer to project their own personal interpretation.

Untitled (2018)
This work shares my relationship to my mother and shows her struggles and feelings associated with having a daughter with an eating disorder.