Shane Owen

I have this unspeakable connection to art and creating. When I look into myself I always, intuitively feel like creating art. My work requires me to be completely present and to let go of any concept I have of myself. I work in a state so that there is no me and the canvas, but the canvas and I are one setting my intuition free to do what ever it wants. If I fall out of this state I return to my gut feeling and find internal calmness, then concentrate. In my eyes inspiration can be anything; it’s just allowing yourself to be in a state that can experience it. I make art for the same reason that an art piece exists, it’s just being itself.



Contact Information

Shane Owen
(714) 477-3653

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Artist Work

"Here" (2018)
Blue, green, and grey markers with white paint on a 12 x36in canvas.

"Balance" (2018)
Blue, purple, green, light grey, dark grey, and black markers on a 60 x72in canvas

"childhood" (2018)
Blue, yellow and red paint with black marker on two 15 x60in canvases