Seven Sauer

Engineering and visual art intertwine in most of my work. As a now-retired commercial-airplane engineer, with a parallel passion for all manner of design and art, I’m now more free to focus full time on design, building, and art. My primary medium is sculpture, and often with a basis in found objects, but I also love to work with photographs and the creation of images. My passion for engineering drives me to celebrate the existence and historical significance of found objects, and then work them into a personal story or statement with many layers of connection and meaning. The physical objects that many people pass off as inanimate, are actually so very full of life and the processes of our world. I celebrate the amazing works that people have done with the rich material products of the earth, and work to add a higher layer of richness, purpose, and meaning.



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Steve Sauer
(206) 931-2050

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Artist Work

Saxofork (2013)
A sculptural arrangement of bike-parts and other components to form a sort-of saxophone.

GF Up & Left (2019)
A 'semi-readymade' composition of a vintage Goodform aluminum chair frame in perfect neutral balance on an aluminum speaker frame.

I'mperfect Vahz (2013)
A sculptural composition of an old bicycle fork arranged to support a flower as a vase. An antique brass plumb-bob hanging from the fork provides for perfect vertical alignment, as it can be adjusted to the target on the base plate, but ultimately this perfection is not easy to achieve.

Road Appeal (2019)
A 5x5 matrix of banana peel images collected in the wild on my excursions around the world. The discarded banana peel seems to be common to most people and cultures, and these near and far flung objects are very expressive.