A COLLABORATIVE PROJECT between some of the greatest drummers in rock history and a visual art team in Los Angeles has captured rhythm on canvas.

For decades, the movement and approach of fine artists has been studied and compared to rhythm. Most notably Jackson Pollock’s abstract work in the 1950s showcased “rhythmic nature” in relation to his splattering of paint on canvas and the patterns produced.

In 2009, SceneFour set in motion a plan to begin working in the “mindset” of rhythm. The project would begin with picking the greatest drummers to establish and pioneer a new medium called “Rhythmic Expressionism.” Rhythmic Expressionism uses performance to create the artwork. Using drumsticks that lit with various colors, patterns, speeds and temperatures, the drummers would perform these rhythms that would translate to abstract artwork eventually to be laid to canvas. These works would showcase the individual drummers’ speed, technique, style, and creativity.



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Ravi Dosaj
(562) 508-0280

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Artist Work

Mission (2018)
SceneFour is a visual art team based in downtown Los Angeles Led by Artist Ravi Dosaj and Conceptual Artist Cory Danziger, SceneFour specializes in the construction of collaborative art projects SceneFour works with notable visionaries outside of the fine art world to collectively create original art projects At the conclusion

Can Music Be Visual Art? SceneFour story - Drummers and Guitarists

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"Girl In A Beaded Dress" by Chad Smith & SceneFour (2017)
A mixture of fiber optic brushes and individual lights on each fingertip were used by Smith to create the visual in "Girl in a Beaded Dress" A warm, moody, yet “ghostly visual,” the work draws viewers into its circular swirls of various purple and orange hues found within the captured

"Road to Anywhere" by Jose Pasillas II & SceneFour (2016)
A deep blue fusion of photography and rhythm-on-canvas work, Road To Anywhere was captured by Pasillas on tour in 2015 in upstate New York. To Jose, this piece is a significant reminder of "freedom and the limitless possibilities" of life.

Mario Duplantier, Gojira & SCENEFOUR - Drum Art Release "Vers le Cosmos" (2018)
Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier will unveil a highly limited art collection, "Vers le Cosmos". Completed with art team SceneFour, the release is a part of a pioneering effort in the new medium of crafting visual art through drum performance.

Mario Duplantier, Gojira & SCENEFOUR - Drum Art Release "Vers le Cosmos" (Official Trailer)

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