My name is Olivia Sawai and I am a self taught painter and muralist. I am a Khmer and Laotian first generation born and raised in Long Beach, CA. My work is known for its bold, bright and funky color palettes which lead to positive effects for audiences when viewing my work. Furthermore, the use of shapes in my work represent the way I see the world and also represents my educational background as a former elementary school teacher.

My approach for my work goes beyond what I create, I intend to set an example for my community to show that art can be a career path for individuals who look like me. I am inspired by Matisse and Keith Haring, however what inspired me to become an artist was the fact that there weren’t many women artists in history.

My work consists of organic shapes to represent flow in life. In addition, I pride myself in my clean line work when painting. My use of bright bold colors represents playfulness in my work and my intentional method of color theory. I have been blessed to have worked with many clients as I have progressed in my muralist career.



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Artist Work

Hart House Mural (2023)
Mural for Hart House using Acrylic Paint

Prism Boutique Mural (2020)
Mural in Prism Boutique using Acrylic Paint

Vivia Print Mural (2023)
Mural using Acrylic Paint

Arcadia Street Box Mural (2022)