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Sarah Soward is an artist with a focus on endangered wildlife and color. She holds a BFA from the California College of the Arts. While oil paint is her favorite medium, she also engages with both traditional and digital drawing tools and has been known to create sculptures and collages with anything at hand. She likes for her work to have a message, whether it’s as simple as a single emotion or as complex as a 30-painting-manifesto on saving the rhinoceros from extinction.

Soward’s work is characterized by expressive brush strokes and an impressionistic sense of light. She plays with scale, juxtaposition, unusual animal poses, and enjoys employing a purposeful combination of color and brush work.

Exhibitions of Note:
-‘Communal Stripes’ was part of the ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year 2017’ exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London and sold during the preview night.
-‘Stellae Errantes (Wandering Stars)’ painting series debuted at the Hawaii Museum of Contemporary Art 2015.
-‘Sky Creature’ was part of the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2015 exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London and appeared in both the Londonist and BBC Wildlife Magazine.
-‘Sky Blue’ was part of the ‘Artist4Rhino’ exhibition (Dec. 2014 to Jan. 2015) at the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova in Genoa, Italy, and was selected to be part of the traveling show. Later, ‘Stanley Rhino’ was also included in the traveling show.
-‘Medicine’ was part of the ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year 2013’ exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.
-Rhinotopia® painting series debuted with over 20 paintings on display at the East Hawaii Cultural Center (EHCC) in 2013.
-One of her paintings was acquired by the Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs in 1995.


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Communal Stripes
'Communal Stripes' is an oil painting on panel that debuted and sold at the Mall Galleries in London. Prints may still be available. It features to zebras that are different in some ways, but share the same stripes, coming together from opposite sides of the canvas to form a whole.

'Jupiter' is part of my 'Stellae Errantes (Wandering Stars)' series. It's a 3'x3' depiction of an African elephant portraying the archetype of the Roman deity, Jupiter, and informed by the images and cloud systems of the planet named for him.

'Luna' is a representation of our moon by way of some rhinos. Each rhino depicts a different phase of the moon: waxing, full, and waning.