Sara Hassan Khani

My current practice explores the concepts of time and memory and relationships between privacy, publicity, space, and the human body. The investigation of place happens through the initial planning of a structure, followed by an intuitive process of deconstructing/reconstructing, layering, and combining collage, painting, and printmaking to achieve a narrative that is nonliteral, abstract, and quite ambiguous. I am striving to achieve timelessness, temporariness, and a dream-like aesthetic space in which there are multiple narratives as opposed to a singular one. By overlapping representational images of my present life with images embedded in memories from my past, I seek to create a paradoxical space.


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Sara Hassan Kahni

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Artist Work

Path (2020)
I am exploring the idea of home as a symbol of protection and its relationship to privilege and power. I merge a square modular tile as a form of familiar continuous repetition with an unfamiliar use of decorative elements and try to establish a dialogue between them.

Temporary (2020)
I explore contradiction by working with a familiar still-life subject to Western audiences, fruit, which is symbolic and integral to social events in Persian culture; I employ it to mimic the fragile human presence and suggest the absence of recent people.

Summer Afternoon (2019)
I question my relationship with the concepts of private and public personas, security, and identity through the lens of my immigration status. Duality and perpetual transition are through lines.