SampleHAUS is a place where we create unique and one of a kind art work from interior design waste and discontinued marketing samples. We also make small batch pottery such as our well sought after planters.

SampleHAUS got its start by creatively up-cycling interior design waste into eclectic home decor. While working at an interior design firm, I was always surrounded by beautiful fabrics and other materials that mostly ended up getting thrown away, for reasons as discontinuation or project surpluses. I decided to begin collecting these excess materials and that’s when SampleHAUS was born.

Today, my pottery has taken the spotlight in and running the business. I focus on making aesthetically pleasing home decor, accessories, and functional ware. My pottery business has grown to a point where I have stores wanted to stock my products in their stores, and consumers wanting classes to learn more about pottery. I love where my business is going, and I thrive to continue to grow for the better of my customer and the environment.


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Contact Information

Diana Adams
(323) 702-7013

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Artist Work

Me and a Selection of my work (2021)
Here is a selection of the type of pottery I create in the Onyx colorway.

Fabric Embellished Planter (2022)
Upcycled fabric on Terra Cotta Pot

Pet bowls (2021)
I made a collection of pets bowls for your fluffy friends.