Samantha Reynolds

Fragmented, fading episodic memories, the exploration of mortality, the things we leave behind and what we take with us are reconstructed in painting, collage and other tactile materials. Small details that seem negligible are often the most important aspect of memory and therefore become major components in my paintings.

I begin by depicting the perceivable parts of memory or an experience, I then manipulate both figures and their environment. While certain details are faithfully represented, other parts of the painting are left open for the more mailable aspects of time to take over.

Like piecing together a puzzle I look for connections between things and fill in the empty spaces to evoke memory. Over time, details get invented or changed to fill in the gaps between moments that have started to fragment and fade.

As I inspect my memories, seemingly insignificant parts appear clearer than the overall event itself, causing the hierarchy to shift into the details. Different components such as remembering, intuition, materials and composition become a place where I can reconstruct the already fading pieces of time.



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Samantha E. Reynolds
(562) 666-5176

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Artist Work

Stolen Lights (2018)

Fish Out of Water (2018)

Ascension (2018)