Ryan T Land

Ryan, based in Long Beach, employs Reverse Painting as his primary medium for creating multi-layer abstract works. His art involves applying paint to the backside of a pane of glass, achieving a unique duality of transparent, yet layered pigmentation. Ryan seeks to explore how the traditional artistic technique of Reverse Painting can be reimagined in a modern context. By playing with light, glass, translucence, abstract color, and minimalism, his works resonate with a unique depth of aesthetic exploration. Ryan’s art is not only visually impactful, but also serves as a metaphor for being able to see the ‘invisible’, thereby unifying both the tangible and invisible forces of nature.


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Contact Information

ryan land
(720) 252-8637

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Artist Work

Surrounded, unfortunately (2022)
60” x 48” -Guache on Glass, Reverse - 2022

Link to Surrounded, unfortunately

Mugwamp (2022)
32” x 46” - Mixed, Reverse on Glass - 2022*Secondary image shows art backlit

Link to Mugwamp

The Weight of Motherhood (2021)
29” x 39” - Mixed, Reverse on Glass - 2021*Secondary image shows art backlit

Link to The Weight of Motherhood