Ryan P. Griffin

Ryan P. Griffin is a visual artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. Griffin uses projected light as a vehicle to activate the environment in a poetic, performative and public way. The artist’s practice incorporates drawing, painting, photography, animation and video, while extending these traditions through contemporary digital media tools to share unique experiences and stories. Griffin graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

His works have been performed and exhibited across the nation as well as internationally. The artist organizes frequent happenings, Projected Visions, using projected light to radically repurpose the environment. Griffin has partnered with cultural institutions for unique public art commissions most recently with NOW Art for Luminex 2.0 and the Elysian Valley Arts Collective for the Illuminate the Night. As well as working during the pandemic with the Glendale Arts and Culture Commission for their Art Happens Anywhere program.


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Contact Information

Ryan Griffin
(480) 694-5978

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Artist Work

Follow your Bliss (2023)
Photo documentation from a live projection artwork activation for Long Beach Walls + Art Renzei

Art Happens Anywhere (2021)
Photo documentation of a live projection artwork activation for Glendale Arts and Culture Commission for public art program Art Happens Anywhere.

Illuminate the Night (2022)
Photo documentation for a live projection artwork activation for Illuminate the Night at the Taylor Yard Bridge along the Los Angeles River.