My name is Morshan R. Ward II I am originally from Compton California I was born August 9th 1994. Spending most my life growing up on the north side of Long Beach growing up in poverty I realized there isn’t a lot of avenues to flourish in the arts in that community. my mission with my Art work is to show and prove you can flourish and make it through creativity. my subject matter a lot of times is depictions of love , the hard times, and religious imagery



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Morshan Ward II
(310) 909-9881

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Artist Work

Moon Flower 36/48 (2018)
This painting was a description of me I feel like I come alive in the night and I wanted to depict how beautiful darkness and nighttime could be.

Digital World 36/48 (2018)
this painting is about how we live in the world and time of technology and information. I tried to capture my feelings and emotions toward it.

Record Garden (2018)
This was a project I started 2 years ago I came across a bunch of old records , I wanted too incorporate my love for music with my love for flowers and instead of throwing away a bunch of old broken records I decided to recycle them into beauty.

Painted Jackets (2018)
At one point in time last year I was poor and ran out of canvas but I had a bunch of jackets lying around and I decided to paint on them and I decided to paint them and I hope to keep making them into a brand.