Ronald Jenkins Jr.

I have been working as a freelance artist for 3 years. It began with taking film photos for friends as they worked on their craft, while i quickly developed my own. My involvement in Play Nice shifted my interest towards the curation of events for local artists to showcase their talents. I use our community to leverage connections that inspire the city to feel, express & reflect on passions they may or may not have connected with yet. As a Black Creative & Owner I feel Im here to provide a tangible experience for artist who will thrive in a space in which they are currently underrepresented.



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Artist Work

Community Conversation (2019)
Following the loss of Los Angeles' great Nipsey Hussle a conversation held at Play Nice about violence within our community to bring awareness to gun violence & the impact Nip made on so many Individuals from different walks of life.

Los Angeles Times LA Community Fridge Article (2020)
We were the first & only Community Fridge outside of the greater LA area. Providing free produce, can goods, pre-made meals & baby food for anyone in need.

Link to Los Angeles Times LA Community Fridge Article

February 2019 Black History Month Programing (2019)
Calendar events for BHM '19 programing in which encouraged Engagement, Cultural Appreciation, & Artistic Expression among young black creatives.

Family Reunions Merchandise (2020)
Merchandise printed for Family Reunions Music Collective.

Link to Family Reunions Merchandise