RON THE KILLER is a designer, Muralist and 3D artist living and working as an Art Director in Los Angeles California, To bring his visions to life, he works with different kinds of media, from 3D and vector to traditional drawing, graffiti and street art.

The way of combining all those elements helped him to develop a very unique graphic style with a colorful and bright color palette but with slightly dark messages. But even if his cheerful, bizarre, and colorful characters in their fantastic environment seem to be a little menacing sometimes, they are friendly in the end.

His collaborators include Eminem, Paul Mccartney, Snoop Dogg, Wiz khalifa Dead Mau5, Beastie boys, Pharrell.


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Ronald Monahan

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Artist Work

Mural Painting / Circus Of Life (2018)
Mural Design for a hostel in Pai, Thailand

Mural Painting (2017)
Mural Design for a post production studio (POSSIBLE) in Los Angeles, CA

Mural Painting (2018)
Mural Design for a Diving Shop in Koh Tao, Thailand

Mural Painting (2019)
Mural on a post production Studio in the Art District Los Angeles