Rimi O Abuhussein

Hello, I’m Rimi Abuhussein.
I got my degree in Architectural Technology at London Southbank University In England back in 2011. I was an architectural designer until a few years ago when I found my passion in mixed media ink drawings, photography and graphic design.

Having moved from Tucson AZ to California in 2015, since then I have worked with many clients and dear friends on a variety of projects, ranging from architectural design, to photography, art and lately also web and graphic design, logos & labels etc.

My first job in Long Beach was as an architectural designer with Trebor Nevets Interior Design on 4th Street, and with The New Being Project Non Profit Organization here in LB and in Encinitas CA, where I created many websites and custom graphic projects.
During that time I began to develop my art style and range of forms, starting with abstract architectural drawings all the way through to lotus flowers and also custom South West style ink drawings and one-off Navajo inspired jewelry pieces.

I find that my drawings & designs develop fairly randomly, each piece changing and evolving as I look at it and add to it, so that by the time it’s done, it’s quite different to my original vision but at the same time, it just feels right (if that makes sense!..)


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Contact Information

Rimi O Abuhussein
(520) 481-6055

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Artist Work

Tesserract (2014)

Villa Riviera (2014)

Goddess of Light & Hope (2016)