Richard Harvey

I am an artist-educator. I began serving Long Beach’s community as an artist speaker at the 2008 Voices and Visions Spoken word festival in 2008. From 2016-2020 provided Healing Through Creativity workshops at Long Beach Memorial’s Todd Cancer Institute. From 2016-2018 I creativity workshops at Century Villages at Cabrillo’s Veterans Village Recovery Center. I am currently a consultant with the Long Beach Unified School district, where I lead creativity-based SEL seminars with the Male Leadership Academy and in primary grades. I’ve hosted numerous exhibits since 2015 in varied locations in Long Beach that featured both my work and my participants’. The Arts Council for Long Beach just awarded me a Microgrant to support creativity-based Social and Emotional Learning project with 5th graders in Longfellow Elementary. The title of that project is Dreamsmithing A Creative Warrior’s Journey.



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Richard Harvey
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Artist Work

Love Up Long Beach: Creativity Transforms a Wounded Community (2020)
I documented the Creative Activism after the social unrest of May and june of 2020. Martin Espino composed the soundtrack of this video.

Love-Up Long Beach! Creativity Transforms a Wounded Community

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The Hero's Journey (2016)
A cathartic expression of my recent experiences with brain cancer and divorce. The Medium is Pastel Chalk.

Momento (2014)
A painting to accompany the poem "Momento." Another cathartic expression to help me process the break up of my family.

20 Poems 20 Paintings A Creative Warrior's Journal (2015)
An interactive journal I designed for people to co-create and self-empower. The tenets of the book are healing through creativity, connectivity and service.

Link to 20 Poems 20 Paintings A Creative Warrior's Journal

Dreamsmithing Virtual Tour

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