Ria Kid

Being a queer Afghan-American, my mission as an artist is to humanize my experiences by creating immersive art that touches multiple senses at the same time, if not all. I’m a second-generation millennial that was creating my identity amidst the aftermath of 9/11 and during the 20-year war in Afghanistan. The last decade of my life has been devoted to my health as I am also a chronic pain survivor. I lost function of both my hands after a surgery to relieve pain and could barely brush my teeth let alone write, perform, or create art. As a result, I have been through a slew of vocations and experiences that have ultimately guided me to my creative journey. A Poly PACE and CSULB graduate, I anticipated my Human Development degree would lead me into the dark minds in forensic psychology or traveling to underdeveloped locations. Instead, it has led me to understanding the human experience from multiple perspectives and desiring to be understood that way as well.

My mission is to create nostalgia; for others to feel mine and for mine to become enmeshed in others. I want people to feel encompassed in my messages. I desire every sense to erupt in recognition of the pleasure, pain, wonder, and magic in each of my pieces and for the experience to generate more nostalgia afterwards.

For our emotions, our memories, to both be droplets in the same ocean.

The immersive experiences I create are connected to my books and music as well. I have a poetry book currently in the publication process entitled The Muse of Manifestations in which the art show, Chispa, is inspired by. I am a songwriter and vocalist for the indie-pop group, Good Company, and will also be performing at Chispa.


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Ria Kid
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Artist Work

The Lake (2022)
This piece is connected to a poem entitled "Stalker" and refers to a line about past lives. This vision is an escape from the reality that someone has disrespected the sacredness of the connection. The lake is an oasis for an unsafe world and mind.

Sweat (2022)
This is from a poem entitled "S-wet". The poem describes desiring to be every bead of sweat on another. It transforms from the innocence of desiring to be in the safety of another to erotically encompassing them.

Echo (2022)
The poem is entitled "Echo" and refers to wanting to fall into this person like an echo. The poem refers to sexuality and the whirlwind of attempting to understand one's sexuality in an environment that criminalized it. Even through confusion, the desire for her is impossible to leave and beautiful.