Rhyan Michele

As a direct reflection of The Creator, I accept that we were all made to be peculiar artists. We are the same, yet different…except the acceptance part. Once we get compassion right, we’ll get the rest. All else is just commentary.


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Rhyan Michele
(803) 917-1093

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Meant To Be webseries (2021)
A married, lesbian couple realizes they want to start a family. Rhyan Michele plays the role of Shay (Hoover) Smith

Sirens of Coos Bay - Theatre Review (2019)
SIRENS OF COOS BAY transports The Little Mermaid (the original, not the Disney version) to the 1990s Oregon Coast. In this version, the Little Mermaid (LM) is played by Rhyan Michele.

Link to Sirens of Coos Bay - Theatre Review

Dykefoot (2018)
A camping adventure goes horribly wrong for a group of Oregonians when they are ambushed by a lesbian Sasquatch. Dykefoot is an original short camp/horror film based on the North American folklore of Bigfoot.…with a queer twist. Rhyan Michele stars as Heather.

Dykefoot (2018)

Four friends head into the woods of Washington-off Dike Access Road-for what they believe will be a relaxing weekend of camping. Ignoring subtle warnings from locals, they arrive at an isolated campground and are met with a string of terrors brought on by a mysterious killer.