I am Rapid73, a self taught artist born and raised in Long Beach. Cartoons captured my attention as a young child and over time I began painting graffiti, later progressing to digital art. I grew up in Long Beach skate culture, skating and creating art. In High School, I was introduced to a Subway Art book and I knew I wanted to learn how create me own graffiti art.

I am a professional muralist and graphic designer. I enjoy being able to express myself and collaborate with others bringing beautiful images to my community. I have collaborated with local gyms, restaurants and live paint at community events and festivals.

My favorite artistic expression is the Wild Style 3D graffiti lettering with vibrant, wild colors that brighten even the darkest alleys. My art is for all ages and walks of life. From custom canvases, T-shirt design to commission murals on bedroom walls, playgrounds or gym walls with inspirational quotes and images. I would love collaborate with you to make your idea come to life, let me know if I can help you with your project!


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Victor Rapid

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Artist Work

Femme (2022)
Restaurant commissioned mural.

Artist picture of their commissioned mural

Gone Loco (2022)
Custom graffiti style food truck.

Artist showing the food truck they painted.

Rapid73 (2019)
Mural commission for Los Angeles area gym

Sports Complex Mural (2021)
Mural for Sports Complex

Artist Displaying their commissioned mural

Bubblegum Sally (2019)
Live painting for Los Angeles retail store opening.

Artist live painting for an event.