I go by the artist name Rapid73.  I grew up in Long Beach and have been drawing since I was a child.  Cartoons first caught my attention when I was 7, when I started copying the comic strips, learning to draw those characters.  When I was 14 years old I noticed couple of my skateboarding buddies tagging and graffiti caught me interest.  In High School, I was introduced to a Subway Art book and I knew I wanted to learn how create me own graffiti art.  It’s 2020 now, and I paint everything anywhere.  From custom canvases, T-shirt design to commission murals on bedroom walls, playgrounds or gym walls with inspirational quotes and images.  I am a professional graphic designer, mastering computer graphics. I love using my iPad Pro and draw digital illustrations with the Apple Pencil.  Any kind of art you want, I can do. My own personal favorite is the WildStyle 3D graffiti lettering with vibrant and wild colors. I would love to make your idea come to life, let me know if I can help you with your  project!


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Victor Rapid

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Artist Work

BBoy Canvas (2020)
Canvas I painted for a BBoy crew

Lets Play Pool (2019)
Painted a pool table commissioned by a local bar.

Rapid73 (2019)
Wall Commission from a local gym that wanted murals