Ramon Rodriguez Crespo

I have a profound desire to understand and explore the nature of duality I was born in a tiny isolated village in Cochabamba, Bolivia I have had the unique experience of growing up in one of the poorest countries in Latin America and living in one of the wealthiest in the world for the last thirteen years My last decade in Long Beach, California has been a sharp contrast to my life in the countryside of Bolivia I have always been interested in dualities and this contrast of cultures has only expanded my interest Love and hate Good and bad Light and dark Abundance and scarcity Suffering and pleasure Spiritual and material Philosophical and theological These perpetual dualities and struggles coexist within each of us In my journey as an artist, I attempt to harmonize these dualities, to create a dialog between extremes In the process of exploring duality, I also try to capture the magic and beauty of the culture of my ancestors, the Incas Through my work, I not only express that which compels me, I nourish myself with the energy of the landscapes, the power of the culture, the wisdom and determination of my ancestors I remember as a 3 year old, gathering stones of different colors and drawing on rocks or adobe walls I drew in the sand at the river’s edge with a stick I arranged twigs, leaves, and other curiosities I found on my long walks through the countryside I climbed luscious trees and cliffs of red and orange hues observing the divine art of Pacha Mama, Mother Earth I could not resist My childhood was spent climbing trees, collecting stones, and being shaped by the beauty of the Bolivian landscape As a teenager I attended pre-seminary and went on to seminary, however, I discovered that my true calling to divinity was not through priesthood but rather, through art I continued making art This is not an easy path in Bolivia A common response to my being an artist was, ‘Lo siento,” “I’m sorry ” This has not deterred me Creating for me is as necessary as breathing… perhaps even more important Inhaling the aroma of cedar and mahogany stretchers in my workshop reminds me of my life in the campo, the countryside The germination of an idea takes place as I prepare my canvas It is my ritual I need to know the canvas, I let the idea evolve as I create the space where it transforms itself into existence I prepare the canvas with a layer of earth tone paint Although this basecoat is rarely seen it is the foundation for all the other hues which will reveal themselves in the layers of ideas, colors, and emotions Only when the canvas is ready do I, with my palette knife, begin to breathe life into a painting I am compelled to share my culture and my work with others I feel the responsibility to contribute to my community in positive ways I am



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Ramon Rodriguez Crespo
(562) 673-1055

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Artist Work

Aymara (2012)
Algarobbo wood sculpture

Sensacion Extraña (1996)
Stone Sculpture

Espiritus de la Noche (2012)
Clay Sculpture

Migrantes (2007)
Oil on Canvas