“PUPPY STUDIOS” By Francis Araujo

Our mission at “PUPPY STUDIOS” is to create an organization eventually leading to an academy for children to utilize principals of art into their everyday lives. Teachers FRANNY, PUPPY, and Mr. Meemee, will execute though mix media project like ceramics, animation, fashion, and outdoor gardening. To teach the children of the future to have an artistic positive outlook on the future they imagine for themselves. In addition how this can benefit others around them to have this same mentality; are technique of learning will mentality and physically change the future one student at a time so the wealth of education will be spread to all!


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Contact Information

Francis Araujo
(323) 439-3263

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Artist Work

Franny (2019)
Franny is the CEO of "PUPPY STUDIOS" she is the brains behind the business and a one woman show, every idea has been her own. She started this business ultimately to make it and give back to her community she is as sweet as an angel but don't try her.

Puppy Dawg (2019)
Puppy is consider our 2nd member of "PUPPY STUDIOS" Puppy is seen as our mascot of the company, creating encouragement and corral amongst all! Puppy's motto is be be better than ones self by caring for all and being humbly generous to anyone who asks for a helping hand.

Mr.Meemee (2020)
Mr.Meemee Is considered the 3rd member of "PUPPY STUDIOS". Mr.Meemee runs all the financial accounting for our company and is also in charge of all our marketing projects including for example "THE PUPPY VINTAGE TOTE BAG". (which you can find on our instagram @puppyvintage) He takes his work very serious.