Posthuman Evolution

Posthuman Evolution is the culmination of a lifelong pursuit in fine art, music, film and animation that seeks to push the boundaries of modern techniques utilizing technologies that are just beginning to emerge, also to focus on aesthetics and storytelling centered around the subject of transhumanism, posthumanism, and the coming technological singularity that organisations like the World Economic Forum would call the Fourth Industrial Revolution Everything found on my website I created myself and from scratch I don’t use stock footage or premade audio loops I am not a mashup or mister potato head content creator This is my obsession I was born with a condition that used to known as asperger’s syndrome, or high function autism spectrum disorder, which I believe is the source of my creative obsessions I also come from a long line of creatives from my father’s side of the family My uncle, James Tocco, is a world renowned virtuoso pianist and we are a family with a strong legacy as artists, musicians and thinkers The animations (all works in progress), music and art found on posthumanevolution com including the website itself were created during the quarantine lockdown There are some elements and footage from previous projects thrown in but by and large all of it was created in the past year, and there’s at least an order of magnitude more that was also created in this time that hasn’t made it to the website yet I’m a 20 year veteran of the visual effects industry I’ve worked as computer graphics supervisor and multimillion dollar commercials, websites and print media and even visual effects and post production supervisor on a multimillion dollar feature film I moved to long beach from Venice in 2012 after a burnout period (the visual fx industry does not have a union and is extremely demanding to say the least) I’ve been working freelance online ever since while developing the processes and techniques utilizing a fusion of practical and digital effects 90 percent practical effects, 10 percent cgi seems to work best It means must faster turnarounds, much cooler effects and so far I’ve done it all with a cheap laptop and consumer smartphone cameras with custom lense mounts i created from disassembled telescopes, projects and old cameras There are so many things that are not being explored and taken advantage of with all of the new technology that exists, even the tech in the hands of average consumers People don’t realize the power they hold in their hands, and part of my mission is to show people this power I plan to not only create masterclasses but to eventually share my entire body of work, project files, raw footage and elements, so far 16 terabytes of content that I will license for anybody to use as they wish, royalty free. I don’t create for fame or fortune; It’s a compulsive need, like breathing.

Artist Work

Transcend, or Die (pilot episode) (2020)
My quarantine lockdown project that I began in March 2020 Transcend, or Die, is an animated series in development I made it in isolation and had no access to actors so it plays as an a 26 minute short film, music video or trailer This is the pilot episode.

Link to Transcend, or Die (pilot episode)

Chrysalis (2020)
The piano version of the main theme to Transcend, or Die, an animation series about a post technological singularity world. More music at Also there are many of my interpretations of classical pieces that were midi sequenced, performed, produced, mixed and engineered by myself on the website.

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Starmap Painting (2020)
This unconventional work of art took a year or so to finish and is part of the Transcend, or Die storyline It's made of resins, glues, inks, oils, super black wood stains and metallic paints built layer by layer creating a relief of sorts

Link to Starmap Painting

Transcend, or Die (episode 1) (2020)
The first episode following the pilot episode of Transcend, or Die.

Link to Transcend, or Die (episode 1)

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