Pile of Wires

Pile of Wires is a Long Beach electroacoustic ensemble focused on developing interactive and experimental music making practices. Use of laptops, projection, and electronic controllers, as well as the development of new sensors and controllers plays a central role to performance. As a collective, we aim to make electronic music more accessible to general audiences through creating visceral connections between what is seen and what is heard.
The members of Pile of Wires met and studied at CSU Long Beach’s Bob Cole Conservatory of Music and have varied specialties and backgrounds, from research archiving to rock band experience. The ensemble frequently collaborates with artists in other artistic disciplines and performs at special events. We have recently performed at the CSULB Japanese Gardens, SoundPedro, and throughout CSU Long Beach. Guest artistry plays a central function to our mission, as it allows for the constant development of the ensemble, and promotes artistic flexibility.



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cell (2017)
cell takes inspiration from the play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller. The piece plays individual words from the play in random orders. The interest of the piece is found with the counterpoint created by the text samples between the four laptops, and the evocative choreography of Katelyn Sanchez.

cell - a piece for dance and four laptops. Performed by Members of Pile of Wires

Performance at CSU Long Beach Gerald R. Daniel Recital Hall

11 (2018)
This piece deals with two non-intersecting planes of human consciousness: the nagging insistence that death is inevitable, and the everyday abstraction of death as mythological. This work seeks neither to assuage nor lament this discrepancy of perception, but rather to allow the listener to simply be absorbed in its paradox.

11 - Music by Sean Jones. Performed by Pile of Wires

Performance at Gerald R. Daniel Recital Hall at CSU Long Beach

sunbleached memory (2017)
sunbleached memory is a reflection on the multiple lenses that we use to look at our past as we cope with fading resolution by relying on vivid, imagined memories. Samples of musical sections from the composer’s eponymous piece for violin, viola, and piano are passed through multiple filters and delays.

Sunbleached Memories - Music by David García Saldaña. Performance by Pile of Wires

Performance at Gerald R. Daniel Recital Hall at CSULB.

rainbowrain (2018)
A composition for mixed instrumentation and electronics, rainbowrain embraces the meditative nature of a jam-session and combines it with smart-looping that interprets incoming audio signal as streams of MIDI data. That data is then used to construct both new melodic lines, and a visual representation of the falling "rainbowrain."

rainbowrain - Music and Video by David García Saldaña. Performed by Pile of Wires

Performance at CSULB Gerald R. Daniel Recital Hall, December 2018