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I’m a lifelong artist and adventurer known for my relentless optimism and zeal for doing hard things. As the owner of Peak Murals, artist, and outdoor adventurer, I have come to find my true mission in life: to capture the wonder of nature and the experiences that make us feel alive. After earning a BFA in illustration, working as a SFX makeup artist and Hollywood shop tech, and even decorating cakes, here’s what I realized. Some subjects deserve to break free of the confines of a canvas.

When I’m not making art, you’ll find me outdoors: hiking, rock climbing, skiing, or kayaking. And every day I’m outside, I get stopped in my tracks by a moment I wish I could bottle up and take home. This is the moment I wish to recreate in my work. I aim to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and make it available for all to see, even in the heart of some of the busiest cities.

Despite my love for nature-inspired murals, I find I love the challenge of creating unique pieces in styles and subject matter that differ from my own. Whether it is a corporate logo, a mystical world, or an abstract representation, I approach them all with the excitement of bringing ideas to life.


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Peak Murals
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Artist Work

Page the Dragon (2023)
Sleeping dragon named page painted in the Children’s Library at California State University, Long Beach. Acrylics, interior wall paint and paint markers. 9’x9’

Ocean Wave (2023)
Ocean wave painted in exterior paint on cinderblock and bamboo. 27’x8’

Jellyfish (2023)
Bedroom jellyfish mural painted in acrylic paint. 6’x4’