Patricia Bonilla

Patricia Bonilla is a self-taught artist working in both abstract sculpture and painting. Originally from El Salvador in Central America, Bonilla comes from a long line of accomplished artists within her family.  Over the course of several years, she’s become known as a global artist that specializes in Modern Abstract Sculptures derived from Bronze, Aluminum and multiple found environmental materials, in which have been on exhibit nationally and abroad.
Bonilla’s present project involves large scale outdoor murals collaborating with group artists through the Santee Public Gallery, whose goal/mission as one of the five original muralists spearheading the project, is to help curtail crime and to promote community cohesiveness within the location of the Santee Alley near the Fashion District of Los Angeles.
Bonilla maintains an ongoing dedication in sharing her artistic vision and creative work ethics with school-aged children. At the University of Southern California, she was one of the first visiting artists to introduce the USC Faculty to children group art programs for ages 3-15 years old during a three month period.
The Artist’s creative forces originate from her own mental images that become awakened by being in the present and living in the moment.



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Patricia Bonilla
(626) 626-3676

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Artist Work

Boxing Helena (2018)
Mixed media/ mannequin Sculpture

Untitled (2010)
Glazed Ceramic Coil Sculpture

. Large Scale Project Outdoor Abstract Murals (2018)
Mixed media Painting