Paige Geissler

Paige Geissler is a dancer and artist based in the Long Beach and Los Angeles area. Originally from Chicago, Paige spent most of her time studying contemporary dance under the direction of Kate Jablonski. To further her dance career, Paige moved to Long Beach to receive her BFA in Dance from California State University, Long Beach. Her goals after graduation consist of collaborating with other artists to produce her own shows as well as dancing in professional dance companies that tour nationally and internationally. Paige is interested in working with other artists who portray vulnerability, authenticity and raw human connection because that’s where the magic happens.


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Paige Geissler

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Artist Work

Paige Geissler Dance Reel (2020)
Paige Geissler's Performance Reel portrays her in a variety of dance styles that best represent her work.

Link to Paige Geissler Dance Reel

Paige Geissler action shot (2020)
Paige loves portraying the use of body angles in her work, wether that is choreography or improvisation. She loves to explore how different body parts connect and all of the unique shapes she can mold within her body. Photography by Greg RR Crosby

Two Perspectives (2020)
Pictured is Paige (jumping) and her creative partner, Lauren Malone (hinging) in a photoshoot for their duet, Two Perspectives. Their goal is to perform their duet they choreographed soon because they couldn't perform this year due to Covid-19. Styled by Kelsey Vidic and Photography by Greg RR Crosby