NJW Woodworks: Noah Witenstein

My areas of focus are – Handmade Artwork, Decor, Bespoke Furniture Design utilizing Natural Edged Wood and Bio-Based resin. My work is pretty unique in my field, gaining me awards last year in Beverly Hills and San Diego. I work exclusively with “urban rescue” live-edge wood, bio-resins and natural based products because the impact my choices make are important to me.

I’m a handmade kind of guy, so I take great care and pride in the details of the woodworking and joinery, while also focused on letting the materials take center stage.

My resin work combines this handmade, high quality woodworking with a distinctive artistic approach to resin work. The result is something truly unique with real depth and movement that mimics the true beauty of nature. Sunlight moving through the depths and currents of water. I achieve this by building layer upon layer of resin, employing various color controls in each layer that blend both color and light through varying amounts of transparency, and concentration from one to the next.


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Noah Witenstein
(310) 691-6676

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Artist Work

River of Life (2020)
Silver Maple wood that's sanded to over 3000 grit contrasts the layered bio-resin within, creating the illusion of water, depth and movement that mimics the true beauty of nature akin to sunlight moving through the depths and currents of water.Dimensions: 64.25"x19.5"x1.25"

Blue Ocean Channel (2018)
Chamise Burl wood and bio-resin and the intangible third element intrinsically linked with my work, light. Light makes the nuances in resin come alive. Light brings out the brilliance and chatoyance to wood that’s been worked, sanded and smoothed to incredibly high grits. Dimensions: 25"x20.5"x2"

Ortiz Side Tables (2019)
Handmade walnut and bio-resin tops and Walnut Bases with handout joinery and birch accents.