Nick Zegel

Nick Zegel is an artist a designer pursuing all things creative. He studied fine arts & design at Boston University, graduating with a BFA, before moving to Philadelphia to pursue entrepreneurial projects and humble beginnings as a freelance designer & artist. Nick spent seven years as the primary creative drive behind the New Jersey based, surf-inspired brand, Jetty. He has also collaborated with up-and-coming musicians, producing music videos, shooting photographs, and designing album art. In 2008 he collaborated with friend & cinematographer Kyle Pahlow to make the acclaimed surf film, A Pleasant Surprise.  Since re-locating to Long Beach, California in 2010 he has designed for the surf brand Roxy, was the Art Director of Girl Skateboards, and is in the beginning phases of building NICK, a creative / design studio.

Nick maintains a blog,, filled with drawings, photographs and documentation of personal adventures.  Learn more about NICK online at


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Nicholas Zegel
(609) 330-5526

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Artist Work

Quarantine Masks (2020)
Quarantine Masks were a result of my studio practice during the early months of Covid-19 lockdown orders. Once the initial mask came to life I found great joy in the simple act and studio experimentation began to evolve naturally. Materials that I’ve kept available in my practice for years naturally found their way into these early masks.

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Quarantine Flowers (2020)
4' x 4' Acrylic on Canvas

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Overboard (2019)
A selection of Zegel's "pool paintings" are filled with metaphors and informed by everyday life. Exploring a variety of mediums and rendering personal experience camouflaged as imaginary swimming pools the work challenges the viewer to explore the meaning behind every shape and object surrounding the pool.

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