Nicholas Ryan Howard

Nicholas Ryan Howard is an author, philosopher, and expert in the field of Creativity. He was educated at The University of Southern California in Communications and trained as a Master Facilitator in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, where he later served as a Director. As a media producer and content creator he has worked on such properties as The Bourne Identity, Harry Potter, and Star Wars, and in the technology sector he has overseen projects for corporations such as Mattel, Sony, and Panasonic. He is the visionary behind the epic Legends of the Grim Reaper saga, the best-selling poetry collection Mercenary at Midnight, and the host of the podcast Of Tears and Blood. Currently he spends his time dreaming up new worlds, counseling individuals on their expansion of consciousness, consulting with organizations, and speaking around the globe.



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Nicholas Ryan Howard

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Mercenary at Midnight (2020)
A Collection of Gutsy Verse by Nicholas Ryan Howard

Skii: Furious Heart (2019)
A Novella by Nicholas Ryan Howard

Mortal Enemy (2018)
A Novel and Audio Experience by Nicholas Ryan Howard