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Nicholas Carter (Serial Artist)
(909) 205-5180

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My Violent Heart (Pure) (2021)
My gallery consists of society's infamous, I tend to be inspired by whatever it is that makes ppl uncompterble and I don't candy coat my feelings with delusions of gardens and starry nights nor fruit or religion

Jazz Hands (a series of 4) "love Michael" #3 (2019)
This piece consists of four prints in a pop art style and it is four people who wear gloves and their hands represent who they are in sign language so there's Freddy Krueger with death/the devilMichael with love OJ with the fingerand Mickey mouse with kaboom

Menendez Bros.Mash-up (2019)
I have a lot of faces in my gallery and they all have somehow inspired me.

Crossing the Tracks (2021)
I'm no way a professional photographer but in my head I have many visions of things and sometimes you just got to try