nic villegas

I try very hard to make art that connects with people in some way – art that makes people feel, or think, or remember, or feel represented, or laugh out loud. i’m a colorful, “cartoony” 90s kid all grown up – some of my early inspirations as an artist included vincent van gogh, lisa frank, genndy tartakovsky, and whoever designed the rainbow road track on mario kart. these days my favorite artists include emory douglas, boblian1206, lushsux, alberto mielgo and a bunch of my friends. my weapon of choice is the sharpie marker, and in recent years i’ve transitioned into using paint markers and ipad procreate as well. i’m originally from milwaukee, wisconsin and have lived here in long beach for 5+ years now. nice meeting you.


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nic villegas

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red mj (2021)

blm kiddies (2020)

bag lady (2017)