Nia Simone

Artist Statement

Nia Simone is an oil painter based in Long Beach. Nia’s area of focus is narrated through oil painting on a large stretched canvas. The subject matter focuses on herself and her family in various settings. Typically the scenery will be of a dream-like landscape or of a room. Falling under the Surrealism category in painting. Furthermore, Nia Simone paints her most vulnerable thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with intention.  This is important for Simone because she feels art is essential for humans to connect. Further allowing her work to be a source of healing, conversation, and empathy.

Inspirations & Motivations

Nia Simone is from Compton, California, but grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Since Nia Simone could remember she was always an artistic person. By the time she was a teen, her drawings transformed along with her experiences. Though, Nia’s true inspiration for what has now become her signature surrealistic painting style, sparked after learning about Frida Kahlo. Kahlo’s ability to turn her grievances into masterpieces that would withstand the tests of time inspired Nia. Birthing her passion for treating her artwork as a diary. Soon enough, when people began to say that Nia Simone’s oil paintings resonated with them it allowed Nia Simone to understand that her ability to instill empathy in her viewers was something powerful. 

Education & Experience

Nia Simone is self-taught but values the rigor of formal training. She has education from a Fine Arts program she attended in Columbus, Ohio called Fort Hayes High School for two years.  After the pandemic, Nia Simone returned home to California. She would soon find her place in Long Beach. So, for the past three years, Nia Simone has been studying the Arts at El Camino Community College. While spreading her passion for painting throughout Long Beach and Los Angeles. She does so by showing and selling her original artwork at local events, live painting and volunteering. This Fall she will be attending UC Irvine to further expand her formal arts training. 


Contact Information

Nia Lane
(562) 209-8022

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Artist Work

Mother's Pain is Daughter's Pain; Daughter's Pain Helps the Flower's Grow (2023)
A story of generational trauma, healing from it, and ultimately using that pain to help others around you grow as well.

Tryna Find Peace of Mind (2022)
A representation of inner-city life to a man of color. Living on a battle field, becoming a victim and participant to their socioeconomic environment, with peace of mind being in their eyesight but out of reach.

Letting Love Go (2021)
A story of letting what I, as a woman, was taught love was, go. Ultimately, pouring that love I gave to my love interests back into myself.

Sisterly Love (2023)
One of my favorite memories with my older sister. I have found that throughout the Black diaspora, there is something sacred about our mothers, sisters, and aunties helping us with our hair. It is a warm and vulnerable experience.

The Piñata (2023)
A faint memory from 2017, when my family got together after church on Easter Sunday, and celebrated being together.

Dancing Til Dawn (2021)
One of my aunts at a party, living carefree.