N.Sputnik is a musician, sound artist, and art photographer in Long Beach, Ca, USA.
Visually working in art photography, video creation and graphics design mostly concerned with prism light as the subject.  He has posted at least one new, original, visually interesting, colorful, psychedelic, abstract photo or video to Instagram since Spring 2015, amassing over 2000 photos in this style.  He has exhibited twice at Art in Bixby Park and once at MOLAA’s Festival of Innovation. He has licensed work to record labels such as Corrector Records (MN) and Miracle Pond (UK).

Musically working in the lo-fi/ambient/hauntology/library music genres.
Sound design is focused mostly methods and flavors used in science fiction, mystery and animation in the 50’s through the 70’s.  Watch Bigfoot Island Chapter 2 by visual artist Michael Lewy below to hear the music and sound design works.

He is a member of the artist group FLOOD which produced the Long Beach Soundwalk (2011-2014) and soundpedro (2017-present).



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Nicholas Dynice

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Artist Work

glow (2015)

Bigfoot Island Chapter 2, video art/short film (2019)
Visuals by Boston-area artist Michael Lewy with music and sound design by N.Sputnik

Clinopyroxene (music) (2010)
"This is great. That lo-res beat just endlessly plonks along. A sense of the old and the bizarre.." - recording artist Concretism, Grays Thurrock, UK.