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my stage name’s (T.A.S.P)”MugshotOne”( it’s an acronym that breaks down in this order..the almighty sick phantom __ mentally unique grammatically spittin highly obscene termanology of origins not explained) aka Luce Williz” enjoy the freshness.
I’m in California Currently working with A wonderful Community group headed by my two west coast brothers Dusty Stiggers and Jeremiah Rosborough at In Your City News we cover the positive events and gatherings in a positive enlightening perspective. I’m one of the lead Cameramen/Editor/ScriptWriter/Executive Producer/Set Director for In Your City News(IYCN) Soon To Be 2019 Alumni of NLP(Neighborhood Leadership Program) it’s a pretty awesome program to get to meet and learn about people
You. Can. Find. All. My. Music on these. Links…

Websites I can be found on…

Here’s a few Radio/Web Radio shows some of my music has been featured on
Coffee Break for Super Villains and Heroes: Radio Show/Web Archives
Hosted by Noah Ark
Coffee2Go Hosted by Noah Ark with guest Hosts (T.A.S.P)”MUGSHOTONE” and Self/Grizzly Adamz/TCOR

The Check The Rhyme Show
Hosted By Agony & Biz Bronz
TCRS Express
Hosted By Agony & Biz Bronz
The Beats And Rhymes Show
The Chris Morale Experience
Hosted By Chris Morale & Donna H
The Turntablism Show
Hosted By D.J. ABSURD
Hosted By A.B. Zu

And hell you can freaking Google me to find all the sites I’m on via my stage name the exact same way I spell it..Peace and free your mind!!!



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(562) 350-4162

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Artist Work

Savage Landz( Official Video) (2019)
latest video i've worked on

Savage Landz (Official Video)

No Description

Dirty Grenades (2019)
second video

Dirty Grenades (Official Video)

No Description

The Beyonder (2018)
1st video in california

The Beyonder

No Description

Music Link (2010)
a music link

Link to Music Link