Ms.Yellow (Nuria Ortiz) is a self-taught Mexican-American muralist, artist, craftswoman and teaching artist. She has dedicated her time to the creative development and empowerment of communities, working closely with schools, cities, community centers & more to develop workshops, murals & mentorship to the youth. Her artwork and murals have been displayed​ in museums, galleries, and streets throughout the United States and around the world such as Egypt, Haiti, Japan, Spain, France, Australia and Mexico, centering on themes such as culture, folklore, sisterhood, education, unity, love and social justice.


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"Resilient" (2021)
All spraypaint, done in Compton, Ca at the Del Amo Swapmeet... I grew up always having to defend my culture and myself. I've come a long way, but I am always so proud of my roots. It's healed me from many things. With this mural I wanted to highlight that cultural and ancestral energy that have guided me when I was the most lost. Many times you wear a mask to shield yourself without even realizing it. The teachings of family and culture can give that much needed strength and assurance of the power we really hold. That fireball is that power and We are much more then what they want us to be. Put that mask aside and really start to know your worth. Resilience. Power. Strength y Pura Cultura.

"Life In Technicolor" (2021)
Completed mural for Alta Loma Elementary School in Mid City, finished in 2½ days. All spray paint. Its all about Life, evolution, growth and colorsssss❤🧡💛💚💙💜

"Always Growing" (2021)
Mural at Gibson Mariposa Park in El Monte. All spraypaint. This mural shows the various stages of a butterfly's life. The egg, caterpillars, cocoon, the butterfly coming out from the cocoon and ultimately when it emerges fully with its wings. The cycle of natural life and a reflection of our own growth. This ecosystem sits ontop of two girls.. wild flowers grow out of their hair, supporting this system of life.. a metaphor for the need for society to allow the re-wilding of the lands, allowing nature's beautiful creatures to roam unbothered 🌿🌎🌿