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I’m a multifaceted artist who’s an actor, content creator, and founder of a non-profit that promotes other underrepresented artists. That’s why I call my company A2theZshow.


In a perfect world, I would focus solely on my acting. But to earn a living, I’ve created a business around other skill sets that I love: photography and filmmaking.

I’ve always been drawn to cameras, whether I was in front of them or behind the scenes. I photograph clients and/or create videos for them, while supporting their brand evolution and brand strategy.

Over the last five years, I’ve grown in my abilities to choose the right camera, light my subjects beautifully, and be intentional with every shot I take. 

I also stay abreast of the rapidly evolving social media landscape, keeping a presence on such platforms as Pinterest, Tik Tok, and YouTube shorts. 

Sometimes I create short films with myself as the actress, which brings together all my talents.

My path has not been easy. As a girl growing up in Detroit, I battled dyslexia. Though I wanted to be an actress, I struggled to memorize lines. I dealt with toxicity and misogyny, which made me doubt myself as a queer woman. But that motivated me to create safe spaces for myself and for others.

That’s why I launched Up and Coming Actors (UCA), a non-profit that supports other aspiring artists in theater, film and content creation. I help members gain the confidence and exposure they need to succeed.

If I were to receive an artist grant, I would invest in new equipment, expand my marketing, and explore more creatively.

As an evolving artist living in Long Beach, I like to spark conversation within my community and leave my audiences inspired.


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Lets Vibe (2022)
Through imperfections you will see beauty.

Let's Vibe #a2thezshow #shorts #beautychannel #msashleysimone #shorts #vibes #letsvibe

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Ms.Ashley.Simone Beauty (2022)
Welcome to the AZ Beauty , I created a DOPE YouTube channel trailer to build a deeper connection with YOU , THE viewer.

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Ms.Ashley.Simone BEAUTY trailer| Halo & Cut Crease

For Business and Advertisement inquiries: Hi Beauty Gang , YouTube Channel Trailer| Ms.Ashley.Simone BEAUTY trailer My name is Ashley Zachary , Welcome to the AZ Beauty , I created a DOPE YouTube channel trailer to build a deeper connection with YOU , THE viewer.

New Moon (2022)
New Moon

New moon . #a2thezshow #msashleysimone #beautychallenge #newmoon #beautychannel #shorts

Uploaded by Ms.Ashley.Simone on 2022-03-18.

Golden Hour
golden hour