I am a 17-year-old designer and builder making model boats and creating art for any interior space.
Customized boat requests are available including size, color, and rigging. Send me an email with your ideas and I will be happy to give you feedback or an estimate for any design you may have dreamed of. I also create contemporary modern art for any interior space.



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14 Inch Model Boat: Redwood Hull, Complementary Stand, 2 Sails, Natural Wood, Blue or White, Black Pin Striping (2021)
This is a hand made model boat. Every component from the cut of the wood to the sewing and hemming of the sails is done by hand in my workshop. It is an original hull design finished with white or blue paint, natural wood, polyurethane, and pinstriping.

D-4: 36 X 24 Inches, Painting (2020)
This painting contains a variety of different textures as well as medians. Spray paint, acrylic, oil stick, gesso, and collage material on canvas. 24 X 36 inches.

24 Inch Model Chinese Junk Ship: Redwood Multi-level Hull, Complementary Stand, 24 Sails, Yellow, Beige, Brown, White Pin Striping (2019)
This is a hand made interpretation of a Chinese junk ship. While the sail configurations and parts of the hull were inspired by the Chinese junks, the finished product is very unconventional Junk. The bright colors and drastic shapes are all of my own creation.