Mister Toledo

Daniel is a Mexican Southern Californian up-and-coming artist, with a plurality of experience across several forms of mediums. Before he took a leap of faith to follow his dreams, Daniel spent his 8-year artistic career in graphic artistry for several apparel companies like No Fear, Trinity Products, and Wattie ink. Daniel received his Associates degree in Graphic Design from Coleman University and dedicates his art to his family for inspiring him to follow his journey. Volunteering with Backfence Society a non-profit art organization, Daniel helped elevate the importance of art/murals across the North San Diego area.

Now residing in Los Angeles, Daniel continues to draw inspiration from his own life and deeply explores personal and vulnerable themes regarding the human experience. Working with Artchemist Daniel learned the importance of cross-collaboration and team work. He wouldn’t have been as successful in his transition in Los Angeles if it wasn’t for that. Through this experience, he’ll make sure to keep himself self-grounded and increase his artistry network.


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Daniel Toledo

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Garage Gallery Mural (2019)
The Gallery where I showed at decided that they wanted to add new murals to the place. I was given the opportunity to paint my own personal mural.

A group of artist friends come together at Long Beach to create there own art show. You can read more about it in here https://lbpost.com/hi-lo/art/hello-welcome-mural-art-show

Paint Memphis (2019)
I was part of Paint Memphis in Tennessee along side 120+ artist.