My artwork is a reflection of the struggles and complexities of life in our ever-changing contemporary society. A commentary on the power structures that shape our world. It is a reminder that outcomes are often uncertain and imperfect, and that we must work to shape them in positive ways. By using my methods and materials that are true to themselves and expressive, I am able to tell a story through my work that is unique and impossible to replicate. I want it that way and is why I minimize the use of computers or mechanical methods sometimes employed in sculpture.
I explore themes such as the tension between chaos and order, the impact of social media on communication, and the power dynamics that shape our relationships. Through my sculptures, I aim to convey a message about the challenges that we face as individuals and as a society.
I use explosive materials such as dynamite and aluminum plate to create works that balance raw power and chaos with stability. This process is unpredictable and difficult to control, but it allows me to explore the tension between order and chaos in a visceral and powerful way. The punctures of the thick plate and explosive disruptions in the smooth surfaces of my sculptures represent the disruptions and challenges that we all encounter in our lives.
Color is an important element in my work, providing contrast against the forbidding sculpting of the dynamite and serves to nurture the forms. Using explosive materials clashing with solid media, and incorporating vibrant color, I hope to create works that are compelling and tell a story about balancing chaos and order in contemporary society.


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