Mike R. Baker

My art always reflects whimsy, with the hope to entertain, inspire, even amuse. I normally work in acrylic but also commonly use gouache, watercolor, spray paint, and found objects. Paintings, murals, chalk art, sculptures, and installations. I’ve lived in Long Beach since 1985, married in 1991, and my daughter was born in 2000.


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Contact Information

Mike R. Baker
(562) 556-7341

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Artist Work

Tall Tale Animals (2018)
Acrylic on wood, anthropomorphized creatures of tall tale legend.

Fig. 1 - My cat, Figaro (2020)
My cat, Figaro, installed at my house, acrylic on plywood.

Sunset with Godzilla (2015)
Acrylic on found paint-by-numbers painting. One of a long series of PBN paintings, most of which features Star Wars themes.