Mike Mag

Mike Mag is a Brazilian / American graphic designer and modern artist. Mag is best known for his ability to brilliantly juxtapose color as well as his clever use of geometrics to create long lasting impression. Mag attended Florida State University where he studied Graphic Design, Typography, Brand Identity Design, Color Theory, Product Development, Print Making, Package Design, and Poster Design amongst a litany of other experimental disciplines. Mag’s work invites viewers to change their perspective, turning everyday items into exciting obstacles. Through his work he is able rise above the pedestrian and cherish the seemingly mundane, seeing things invisible to the average man and experiencing senses they will never know.



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Contact Information

Mike Mag
(772) 214-0918

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Artist Work

Triagonal (2017)
Triagonal graphic logo designed for the Florida Daze brand.

Beach Babe (2016)
Beach Babe Digital Graphic.

Olympic Deck Series (2018)
A trifecta of decks designed for FSU Design thesis The purpose of this project was to investigate both sides of an issue, this one being skateboarding in the Olympics. The graphics juxtapose the good brought from the Olympics (i.e. skate spots) and the bad stuff that comes with the Olympics.

Swedish Style Series (2018)
A series of decks designed for Florida skateboarding shop, 561 Skateboarding. These decks were inspired by and designed in the traditional Swedish way.

Link to Swedish Style Series